How to get residence permit in Spain

19 October 2021
How to get residence permit in Spain

A residence permit in Spain allows to stay in Spain for more than 90 days during the half-year. In order to obtain a permanent residence in Spain, a temporary residence permit must be obtained and renewed several times. The pattern is as follows: an extension one year after receipt, two years after receipt, and ten years later. After 10 years if all conditions of extension are fulfilled correctly, you can apply for Tarjeta de Residencia de larga duración or long-term residence permit.

In order to use Ukrainian and Russian documents in Spanish territory, it is imperative that they be legalized in accordance with the norms of international law.

Spain is a party to the Hague Convention of 1961. This means that the procedure for the legalization of documents for Spain is carried out in a simplified way - by affixing a special stamp of Apostille on them.

Important! It should be noted that only the territory of the State in which the instrument was issued and/or issued should legalize the instrument.

Documents that can be legalized:

  • Certificate, diploma and other educational documents;
  • Birth, marriage and other certificates issued by the civil registry;
  • Certificate of incompetence, passport;
  • Various certificates, licences and certificates;
  • Documents of legal entities;
  • Other government papers

The legalization procedure is very complicated and requires maximum precision in the design. Also, in case of double apostillation, high quality and professional translation is very important.

Please contact us and our specialists will carry out thorough preparation of documents for each stage of legalization, as well as make a certified translation which will be certified in the Consulate. 

Legalization of documents of the Russian Federation for subsequent use abroad, step by step:

1. A notary office with jurisdiction in the Russian Federation must certify a copy of the document and check the correctness of its translation into a foreign language.

2. Employees of the Federal Registration Service of the Russian Federation must confirm the authenticity of the notary’s seal and signature.

3. Employees of the consular department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation must confirm the authenticity of the seal of the Federal Registration Service of the Russian Federation, as well as the signature of the official.

4. Consulate of a foreign country.

5. Upon completion of the legalization procedure in the Consular Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation, the documents must be legalized in the consulate of the foreign State.

Albamar Group assistance in obtaining of a residence permit in Spain

  • Preparation of documents and case management.
  • Translations of documents into Spanish.
  • Legalization and Apostillation.
  • Spanish insurance.
  • Helping to find a school for children.
  • Registration of NIE (alien numbers), and Nota Simple (extract from the property register).
  • Extension of EVAW and escort to the police station
  • Consular representation and many other services

All services are provided by the Legal Department of the Real Estate Agency Albamar Group. A lawyer will help collect all the necessary documents, and will handle each individual case. If you are interested in what other services we provide, ask questions on the official e-mail:  

Official web-site: Real Estate and After Sales Services | Albamar Group 

Benefits of a residence permit in Spain

  • The possibility of living in Spain all year round;
  • Social insurance (hospital, maternity and pension benefits);
  • The possibility of obtaining a European-style driving licence;
  • Lower prices for car registration;
  • Freedom of movement throughout the Schengen area

 There are several types of a residence permit:

  • A residence permit with the permission of contract work (work residence)

The most important condition for registration is a work contract. 

  • A residence permit with the permission of work without contract (business residence)

This type of a residence permit is suitable for those who plan to start their own business in Spain.

  • A residence permit without the permission of contract work («white» residence or "No lucrativa")

The Spanish authorities, in granting a residence permit without the right to work, want to make sure that the new resident does not apply for jobs or social benefits from the State.

For advice, you can ask a question by official e-mail: 


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