To Spain for health! What is being treated in Spain?

9 November 2021
To Spain for health! What is being treated in Spain?

Treatment in Europe is a new direction in medical tourism. Over the past 10 years, Spain has invested heavily in the health system. Thanks to this investment, Spain is ranked 7th in the World Health Organization on the quality of health service delivery.

The same studies have shown that Spaniards are the second nation most satisfied with the level and provision of health services in their country. Every year about 20.000 visitors and tourists, mainly from the United States, Italy, England, Russia, and the Middle East, are diagnosed and treated in hospitals in Barcelona. Many of our compatriots choose treatment abroad because of the best quality, service and the latest technologies in the field of medicine. Among the popular destinations were Israel, Germany and the United States.

In 2012, 21,868 tourists arrived in Spain for various recreational activities. About 12 million euros were spent on medical services. Among popular procedures in Spain, the most sought-after are plastic surgery, oncological treatment, obesity treatment, transplantation, cardiology, paediatric surgery and much more. It should be noted that health insurance is not required to provide medical care or services to tourists. However, the availability of Spanish health insurance may reduce the cost of treatment in Spain, as may the availability of Russian. In the latter case, the list of clinics and services covered by the insurance should be clarified.

How profitable it is, combine useful with pleasant! Relax in colorful Spain and take a wellness course with the best specialists of the world. Because really, there’s no place like this. On the one hand you will rest on the sandy beaches of the magnificent Costa Brava, enjoy the architecture of Gaudí, and on the other you will be able to relax in the best clinics of Spain. Treatment and rest in Spain - new direction in tourism, just try!

The treatment at the sea in Spain is the sun, the beach, the salt breeze, mountain landscapes, that is, the main «vitamins» contributing to the health of body and mind. Hundreds of Russians choose medical treatment at sea in Spain, many of them especially come to the coast of Spain, where in addition to a wonderful atmosphere, all conditions are available for obtaining medical services of the highest quality. 

It is also worth noting that families often choose childbirth in Spain as a way of enabling a child to acquire citizenship. The cost of childbirth in Spain is an important issue, for which it is worth knowing the following: Women who are legally resident in Spain and have a health card have the right to give birth free of charge in public clinics; Newcomers choose a maternity home and pay either the full cost of the service or, if possible, maternity insurance. To have a child in Spain is to receive the highest level of medical care and to allow an adult to choose which country he wants to live in.

The following is the list of each medical referral name, from dentists to cosmetic surgery. Each item contains a link to which you can go to the site, see contacts, location of medical institutions in cities, as well as contacts for appointment.

  • Health insurance
  • Doctors 
  • Dentists
  • Optometrists
  • Hospitals
  • Psychologists 
  • Gynaecologists
  • Cosmetic surgery
  • Pharmacy
  • Acupuncture 
  • Alternative medicine 
  • Health & Beauty
  • SPA
  • Colleges
  • Medical education
    The ideal time for a full recovery in Spain is at least 3 weeks. During this time the human body and the psyche have managed to recover well from the work stress atmosphere. An important factor in the treatment in Spain is the psychological moment, its geographical isolation from the irritating effects of everyday routine, as well as the favourable influence of the delightful Mediterranean climate and the nature of the Iberian peninsula. In order to find accommodation in this period of time, use the services of specialists who will help you with all questions concerning rent, purchase of real estate, Residence and collection of documents for moving. To find accommodation, please call Albamargroup +34633144103, or ask the official email:



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